Accessibility In Mind has extensive experience in high-volume conversion and remediation for all PDFs: government reports, brochures,health insurance plan documents, and much more. We can efficiently and economically make your documents compliant with all existing accessibility standards, adding value to every document. AIM remediated documents passing all HHS requirements are certified to meet or exceed Section 508Continue reading

The Portable Document Format (PDF) is the standard format for online “electronic” publication of documents. PDF allow the publisher to ensure that a document looks the same online as it does in print form. PDF’s are unique in their “cross-platform” usability, and if they are constructed and tagged correctly they will look the same on different systemsContinue reading

Answer: More than you can imagine… How many pages of documents requiring “remediation” for compliance with Section 508 does your company create each year? An average  MHPO produces 500,000 to 1,000,000 pages every year, membership books, formularies, evidence of coverage, pharmacy directories- the list is almost endless, and that’s just the public documents. AIM (AccessibilityContinue reading

AIM trains your document producers to use best practices with accessibility in mind, and give them the tools to implement these procedures in all document production. Currently, making documents compliant with Section 508 is a labor-intensive manual process, called “remediation”, literally taking a newly created but unaccessible document and fixing it. Why not create accessible documentsContinue reading